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Served on small plates and passed

Pick 5 to 8 choices prices on request

Grilled Vegetable skewers and grape tomato and fresh mozzarella skewers with pesto

Caponata bruschetta

Gazpacho shooter

Edible spoon with bacon, lettuce, and tomato

Egg salad bruschetta

Smoked trout served on corn pancake

– horseradish cream

Southwestern spiced shrimp

Jerk chicken brochettes

Seared tuna served on curried wonton chip

Smoked apple wood bay scallops

– with golden roasted pepper coulis

Crab Louis bruschetta

Salmon cake with Cajun mayo

Tuna skewer with wasabi and sweet soy

Lamb chops with Moorish spices and mango chutney

Spicy vegetable Samosa with mint chutney

Red chili and beef empanadas

Green chili and chicken empanadas

Smoked tomato soup

Chicken wings with sweet soy

Chicken wings Moroccan spice and apricot rosemary jam

Boneless chicken thigh fried and served with macaroni and cheese

Marinated vegetables and cheese brochettes

Chicken drum stick with curry spice

French cheese puffs stuffed with ham salad

French cheese puffs stuffed with egg salad

Bistro beef ancho sandwiches - 2 each

Cuban sandwich – 2 each

Cheese plate with seasonal fruit

Short rib sandwich with carrots

BBQ smoked baby back rib - 2 each

house sauce

Twice baked duchess potatoes served in miniature potatoes

White anchovies basil oil on bread

Ham croquette

Shrimp salad bruschetta

Spinach and feta stuffed mushroom

Vegetable spring roll with shrimp

soy ginger dipping sauce



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MENUS Food Only Prices




Asian Station

Thai curry pasta with Chinese noodles

Vegetable spring rolls with soy ginger

dipping sauce

Asian BBQ pork served in phylo cups with pickled boy choy


Asian Station 2

Asian seasoned BBQ ribs

Thai cole slaw

Assorted sushi


Spanish Station

Spanish Meat balls with spicy tomato

chorizo sauce

Black bean and potato empanadas

Orange jicama salad

Assorted Spanish cheese with dried and fresh fruit with crackers


Paella Station

Shrimp, mussels, squid, chorizo, chicken, with paella rice and saffron

Custom ingredients available

Rustic Bread and butter


Empanada Station

Red chili and pork – Chicken and green chili – Crawfish-

Ground beef and chorizo


Antipasti Station

Fire roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts,

Marinated olives, Italian meats sliced, assorted cheese, and crackers



 Napa Station

Lamb chops with lavender and honey

Vegetable pasta tossed with pesto and feta cheese

Gazpacho shooters


All American Station

Miniature Sliders

Twice baked new potatoes

 Smoked tomato soup


Vegetable Display

Assorted vegetables presented in glass cubes with wheat grass and candles




Carving Station


Pick two meats


Roasted turkey breast (boneless)

Brisket of beef - BBQ sauce or

horseradish cream sauce

Prime rib au jus or horseradish cream sauce

Tenderloin of beef

Pork Roast

Bistro Beef


Food station prices depend on your choices so pick two or three stations and I would be

happy to price the food for you. These are food prices only, additional prices would include, tax, support fee, rentals, and labor.


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Wedding Buffets


Buffet 1  

Chopped Salad – Kale, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, vinaigrette dressing

Wild rice blend with shallots

Chicken with mushrooms

Squash and tomato gratin

Rolls and butter





Buffet 2


Salad Mixed Greens and tomatoes – Ranch Dressing

Bistro beef - with horseradish sauce

Roasted vegetables – seasonal

Roasted potatoes

Rolls and butter





Buffet 3


Garden salad – Tomatoes, carrots, red onion – green goddess dressing

Roast pork with mango chutney

Salmon filet 4 oz. with caper butter

Mash potatoes and Grilled vegetables

Rolls and butter




Buffet 4


Salad Mixed green with vinaigrette dressing

Herb chicken breast with red wine sauce

Grilled vegetables

Penne pasta tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

Rolls and butter





Buffet 5


Chopped salad with feta cheese and Greek vinaigrette

Brisket of beef – horseradish sauce on the side

Sea bass with mustard butter 4 oz.

Asparagus and Saffron rice with peas

Rolls and butter





Buffet 6


Salad with beets, goat cheese, micro greens

Bistro beef – Red wine sauce

Salmon roasted and chilled with salsa on the side

Pasta – penne pasta, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, spinach, basil, walnuts, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes

Grilled vegetables

Rolls and butter





Appetizer can be added on to

serve for 1 hour to 45 minutes.

No cake cutting charge

These are food prices only



Additional charges include support

fee, taxes, labor, and rentals.




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Summer Smoke House Menu

Delivery or Full Service

Minimum of 25 Guest


Smoked Brisket of Beef  sauce on the side


Black bean and corn salad

Garden salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion on mixed greens

$17.00 per person


Pork Steaks BBQ sauce on the side

Potato salad – Mustard

Cole slaw

Rolls and butter



Apple Wood Baby Back Ribs BBQ sauce on the side

Baked beans

Cole slaw

Corn on the cob with ancho butter

Texas Toast

$ 24.00


Pulled Pork and Jerk Chicken


Baked beans

Vinegar cole slaw

Fresh fruit salad





Apple Wood Baby Back Ribs BBQ

sauce on the side

Roasted and chilled Salmon with Tropical  Salsa

French Potato salad

Boston Baked beans




Grand Barbeque

Smoked  Brisket sauce on the side

Apple wood Smoked Baby Back Ribs sauce on the side

BBQ Chicken

Seasonal Salad ( Tomato Mozzarella, Basil)

Grilled Asparagus and Portabella mushrooms

Potato Salad

Bread and butter




Tri Tip Beef

Cooked on site

Tri Tip Beef  sauce on the side

Ranch Style Baked Beans

Chopped Salad – carrots, artichoke hearts, tomatoes

Seasonal vegetable pasta

Garlic bread



Additional Sides

Tomato cucumber salad

Green beans

Beets and goat cheese salad on mixed greens



Custom menus are available.





Holiday Menus


Turkey Dinner

Whole Turkey Roasted


Mashed potatoes

Green bean casserole

Mac and cheese

Cornbread dressing

Cranberry sauce


$25.00 per person


Turkey Lunch


Pick 3 sides

Greens with smoked turkey

Green beans with red peppers

Mashed potatoes

Sweet potatoes (whipped)

Cornbread dressing

Brussel sprouts roasted

Including cranberry sauce

$22.50 per person



Holiday Cocktail Parties



Bistro Beef miniature sandwiches

Ham and cheese strudel

Mushroom tarts

Baked brie in pastry with jam and crackers

Vegetable display with dip

$17.00 per person



Brisket of beef miniature sandwich

Chicken curry brochette

Veggie cup with ranch dressing

Samosa potato and pea  with mint chutney

Smoked trout on corn pancake

Dates stuffed with goat cheese and

wrapped in bacon

$22.00 per person



Tenderloin of beef miniature sandwich

with ancho glaze

Spinach feta phylo

Jerk chicken brochette with mango glaze

Cheese and fruit tray with crackers

Tuna tacos

Belgian endive with blue cheese and dried cranberries

$24.00 per person






Delivery only or full service

Minimum of 25 guest


Smoked Brisket of beef

Sweet smoky sauce


Black bean corn salad

Garden salad – tomatoes, cucumbers,

and red onion on mixed greens



Pork steaks

House bbq sauce on the side

Potato salad

Cole slaw

Rolls and butter



Applewood baby back ribs

House bbq sauce on the side

Baked beans

Cole slaw

Corn on the cob with ancho butter

Texas toast



Pulled Pork

Jerk chicken


Vinegar cole slaw

Baked beans

Fruit salad



Applewood smoked baby back ribs

House sauce on the side

Roasted and chilled salmon

Tropical salsa or cucumber dill sauce

French potato salad

Grilled seasonal vegetables

Boston baked beans



Grand Barbeque

Smoked Brisket of beef

Applewood smoked baby back ribs

House bbq sauce on the side

BBQ chicken

Seasonal salad

Boston baked beans

Grilled asparagus and red and yellow peppers

Bread and butter



Tri Tip

Cooked on site

Tri Tip beef

Sauce on the side

Ranch style baked beans

Chopped salad – carrots, artichoke hearts, tomatoes

Ranch dressing

Vegetable pasta salad – seasonal

Garlic bread







Pulled Pork

14.00 per pound


Brisket of Beef

15.00 per pound


Turkey Breast

13.00 per pound


Slab of Ribs



Half slab of Ribs



Roasted and Smoked Salmon

(served chilled) - Market



Potato salad

Cole slaw

French potato salad

Fruit salad

Baked beans

Ranch baked beans

Corn on the cob with ancho butter

Green beans



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Breakfast Menus


Basic Continental Breakfast

Assorted bagels, cream cheese,

whole apple and oranges, juice, coffee



Premier Continental Breakfast

Assorted pastries, slice fruit, juice and coffee



Executive Continental Breakfast

Assorted pastries, bagels with cream cheese,

sliced fruit, juice and coffee



Hot Breakfast

Basic Hot Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage patties,

toast, orange juice, coffee



Premier Hot Breakfast

Baked eggs with spinach and cheese,

bacon or sausage, hash browns, toast,

orange juice, coffee



Executive Breakfast

Scrambled eggs or baked eggs

with vegetables

and cheese, bacon, sausage patties, biscuits,

assorted pastries, hash browns,

orange juice, coffee


Omelet, pancake, or waffle station additional  $5.00

Staff charge will apply when staff is needed

Bottled water additional $1.50

Delivery  $30.00



Box Lunches

Gourmet Sandwiches    $10.00

Baked ham and swiss on rye

Italian Po-boy Genoa salami, provolone, ham,

pepperoncini, vinaigrette on French

Roast beef on French

Tuna salad on whole wheat

Vegetarian grilled vegetables on a bun

Grilled chicken on croissant

Grilled chicken club with bacon

All sandwiches are dressed with tomato, lettuce, and mayo

All sandwiches come with one side and dessert

Cole slaw

Potato salad

Fresh fruit salad

Potato chips

Pasta salad

Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, brownies


Salad Selections

Chef Salad  $10.00

Julienne turkey, ham, and Swiss

and American cheese,

served over crisp salad greens,

carrots, with tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs

Italian Salad

Grilled chicken breast served over crisp lettuce

with grated asiago cheese, tomato, and hardboiled eggs

Roll and butter



Hot Lunches  $15.00

Pick one entree

Roast Brisket of Beef served with pan gravy and julienne vegetables

Chicken Parmesan tender breast of chicken with tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese and Romano cheese

Chicken Marsala roasted breast of chicken served with Marsala wine sauce

Grilled Chicken Breast skinless, and boneless breast grilled

Herb Roasted Chicken   boneless breast

Roast Pork Tenderloin

Above dishes come with salad, vegetable, potato or pasta,

and bread and butter


Penne pasta with meat tomato sauce $12.00

Spaghetti and Meatballs  $12.00

Bake Mostaccioli with cheese blend

and meat sauce  $11.50

Pasta dishes come with salad and

bread and butter


Delivery  $30.00

Soft drinks and bottled water  $1.50



Cheese Cake  $3.50

Brownies  $  2.75

Lemon Bar  $ 2.75

Sugar Cookies  $ 2.00

Chocolate Chip Cookies $ 2.00


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Cocktail Buffet




Beef tenderloin miniature sandwiches with ancho glaze

Shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce

Assorted vegetarian Maki rolls wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger

Smoked chicken and artichoke hearts in phylo cups with gruyere cheese

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and feta cheese

Tabouleh stuffed cherry tomatoes

Chocolate dipped strawberries


$ 28.00






Southwestern spiced shrimp flatbreads

Lamb brochettes with Moorish spices

Jasmine rice cakes with Asian caramelized pork and pickled bok choy

Tuna sashimi served on curried wonton chips and wasabi crème and sweet soy

Miniature Kobe beef burgers

Samosa served with mint chutney

Imported cheese and fresh fruit with crackers

Marinated olives


$ 30.00




Cocktail lamb chops with lavender and rosemary

Southwestern spiced shrimp

Gazpacho shooter – Spanish style

Asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham

Assorted vegetables presented in glass cubes

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and feta

Vegetable flatbreads

Artichoke fritters

Mexican crab canapé


$ 34.00



Hors D oeuvres

Fish and Seafood

Smoked salmon pita canapé

Smoked salmon mousse on cucumber

Smoked trout on miniature corn cake

Southwestern spice shrimp

Southwestern spice shrimp wrapped in bacon

Ginger lime shrimp

Shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce

Miniature crab cakes with Cajun mayo

Tuna Sashimi

Smoked shrimp flatbread

Lobster mango canapé

Mexican crab canapé

Shrimp salad tea sandwich

Tea smoked bay scallops

Vegetable spring roll with shrimp




Copanata bruschetta

Tapenade canapé

Goat cheese wontons

Mushroom tarts


Spinach feta phylo

Artichoke fritters

Marinated olives

Vegetable pot sticker

French cheese puffs

Tortilla a la Espanola

Miniature vegetable focaccia sandwiches

Savory palmiers

Polenta cakes with mushrooms

Apple and jicama spring rolls


Grilled vegetable brochette

Vegetable flatbread

Cheese and green chili quesadillas



Meat and Fowl

Asian beef rollups with carrots and green onions

Lamb tenderloin mango canapé

Spicy lamb brochettes with Moorish spices

Miniature tenderloin of beef sandwiches

Miniature brisket of beef sandwiches

Bistro beef miniature sandwiches

 Cuban pork sandwiches

Chilean grape leaves stuffed with rice and cumin seasoned beef

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and phylo

Jerk chicken brochettes

Dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon

Empanadas – red chili and pork, beef, chicken and green chili

Thai chicken salad in lettuce cups

Lemon chicken brochettes

Duck and green chili quesadillas

Spanish meatballs with chorizo tomato sauce

Ham salad tea sandwiches

Asian ribs

BBQ ribs

Chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce


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Pasta Station

Penne pasta with shrimp, sundried tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese, garlic, and olive oil

Farfalle with broccoli, mushrooms, parmesan cheese in a light cream sauce

Toasted meat ravioli with red sauce

Garlic bread


Asian Station

Vegetable spring rolls – ginger soy dipping sauce

Thai chicken salad in lettuce cups with peanuts and scallions

Asian BBQ pork served in phylo cups with pickled bok choy

Jasmine rice cakes with sweet soy and mango garnish


Spanish Station

Spanish meat balls with chorizo and roasted red pepper tomato sauce

Black bean and potato empanadas

Dates stuffed with goat cheese

and wrapped in bacon

Array of Spanish cheese with fresh and

dried fruits, flatbreads and assorted breads

Marinated olives


Carving Station

Apple wood smoked brisket of beef with caramelized onions –

Horseradish sauce, ancho glaze, house barbecue sauce on the side

Roasted pork loin  seasoned with rosemary
and garlic –

Pommery mustard sauce, au jus, cranberry chutney on the side

Assorted rolls and butter rosettes


Carving Station 2

Tenderloin of beef with horseradish crème sauce and demi glace

Catering Plus house smoked turkey breast – cranberry chutney, pommery mustard sauce

Assorted rolls and breads

Vegetables crudités display

with grilled vegetables

Curry dip and roasted red pepper hummus

Polenta cakes with wild mushrooms and reggianno parmesan


Empanada Station

Red chili and pork – black bean and potato – Chicken and green chili

Orange jicama salad with mixed greens


Paella Station

Shrimp, Squid, mussels, chorizo, chicken  with paella rice and saffron

Custom food  ingredients available

Rustic bread and olive oil


Antipasti Station

Fire roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated olives, Italian vegetables, assorted sliced Italian specialty meats, assorted cheese, flatbreads, rustic breads and crackers


Vegetable Display

Assorted seasonal vegetables presented in glass cubes, vases, with wheat grass and candles - dips


Napa Station

Lamb chops with lavender and honey

Seasonal  vegetable pasta with penne, light tomato crème sauce with fresh herbs

Gazpacho trio shooters


All American Station

Miniature or Sliders burgers

Twice baked new potatoes

with cheddar cheese

Demi tasse smoked tomato soup



Shrimp in garlic sauce

Stuffed mussels

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and feta cheese

Serrano ham and figs

Tortilla Espanola


High Tea Station

Egg salad tea sandwiches

Ham salad tea sandwiches

French cheese puffs with smoked trout

Tapenade and cream cheese tea sandwiches

Watercress and cucumber tea sandwiches

Chocolate truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries


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Seated Dinners



Caesar Salad

Missouri homegrown tomatoes (seasonal)

Mixed field greens with grape tomatoes

Artichoke heart and hearts of palm with bibb lettuce

Long stem Italian artichokes with roasted

red pepper

Orange and jicama salad with field greens  walnut oil and rice vinegar

Jicama salad with citrus fresh fruit with

ancho chili dressing

Belgian endive, mache, beet, with walnuts and sherry wine vinaigrette

Watercress and hearts of palm salad house vinaigrette




Sea Bass – caper butter

Halibut – chutney butter

Salmon – sweet soy glaze

Apple wood smoked and roasted salmon served chilled –

Tropical salsa or cucumber dill

Lightly smoked salmon

served hot – red wine sauce

Jumbo shrimp – basil crème sauce

Missouri trout stuffed with crab and  mushrooms – light crème sauce

Grilled tuna – sweet soy and wasabi crème


Filet of Beef  8 oz.– demi glace

Prime rib - au jus – beefeater sauce

Strip 10 oz.  16 oz. – garlic butter

Bistro beef with caramelized onions

and red wine sauce


Lemon chicken with preserved lemons

and yellow and red pepper


Jerk Chicken

Chicken stuffed with roasted red peppers, spinach, prosciutto, and goat cheese

Chicken stuffed with mushrooms with smoked red pepper sauce

Ginger plum chicken

Roast  Duck  - cherry chutney


Veal Chops  12 oz.  and 16 oz.

Exotic mushroom red wine sauce

Lamb chops  Lavender and mango

Osso buco Milanese



Green bean and red pepper bundles

Asparagus bundles with herb butter

Roasted winter vegetables

Roasted brussels sprouts with leeks


Spinach pie

Miniature carrots with honey and fresh mint

Collard greens country style with bacon

Sautéed squash with sweet onions and capers

Broccoli with lemon butter

Twice baked miniature potatoes

Roasted fingerling potatoes

Grilled sweet potatoes

New potatoes with sundried tomatoes

and garlic

Wild rice blend

Jasmine rice


Corn on the cob with ancho butter


Custom menus available for seated dinners.


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Buffet Dinners


Mixed green salad

Herb chicken breast with red wine sauce

Grilled vegetables

Penne pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

Garlic bread


Romaine lettuce  and mixed greens with  grape tomatoes – vinaigrette dressing

Brisket of beef with caramelized onions and beefeater sauce

Roasted new potatoes with garlic

Green beans with herb butter

French Bread and butter


Caesar salad

Bistro beef  with red wine sauce

Chicken with wild mushroom sauce

Wild rice blend with shallots

Squash  and tomato gratin

Rolls and butter


Garden salad – tomatoes, carrots, red onion – green goddess dressing

Tenderloin of beef – demi glace

Salmon – lightly smoked and roasted served chilled with cucumber dill sauce

Grilled vegetables – Grilled sweet potatoes

Fresh fruit brochettes

Assorted rolls – butter


Green salad with beets, goat cheese, and light red wine vinegar dressing

Roast  pork loin seasoned with garlic and rosemary with mango chutney

Salmon filet with caper butter

Mash potatoes


Assorted rolls – butter


Ask about more choices for buffet dinners.

















ABOUT Weddings


Bryan's Kitchen on staff event planners will work from the beginning of your planning until the day of your wedding and will be available to address your needs. From site selection to logistical coordination, and menu planning.


Bryan's Kitchen will guide you through the process. It all starts with a face-to-face meeting with a Bryan's Kitchen event planner, who will offer you sites, menus, wine and liquor selections. Bryan's Kitchen serves seated dinners, buffets, theme food stations, family style dinners, barbeque weddings, and cocktail buffets and much more. Bryan's Kitchen will work with you to provide a menu that fits your budget and style.


After meeting at Bryan's Kitchen or your site with a planner, we will develop a proposal that includes rental cost, food and beverage cost, service, and any special needs.




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