Bryan Young CPCE


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Bereavement Menu



Buffet 1 Afternoon Repass


Fresh fruit salad

Mixed greens with tomatoes and cucumbers
with vinaigrette dressing on the side

Pasta salad

Miniature ham sandwiches

Miniature turkey sandwiches

Vegetarian miniature sandwich

Cheese tray  with fruit and crackers


50 guest   24.00 per person

100 guest  22.00 per person



Buffet 2 Hot Lunch


Vinegar cole slaw

Potato salad mustard base

Brisket of beef with onions

Lemon chicken – boneless breast

Green beans

Rolls and butter


50 guest    30.00 per person

100 guest   28.00 per person




Buffet  3


Mixed green salad – carrots, red onion, cucumber - Ranch dressing

Roast Turkey breast  with  gravy

Bistro beef  horseradish sauce

Roasted potatoes

Seasonal vegetables

Penne pasta  - with red sauce  and cheese

French bread and butter


50 guest   30.00

100 guest  29.00