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Bryan Young CPCE


Bryan Young started his foodservice career at the Media Club in 1971 as a bus boy and worked his way up to captain before moving on the Café Balaban in 1976. Bryan worked at Café Balaban for 18 years as a waiter, dining room manager, and catering director. Before starting Catering Plus in 1995 Bryan along partners opened Tango Grill, which was a Spanish tapas style restaurant. Bryan started Catering Plus with two employees and Bryan was the chef, salesman, and event planner.  Bryan is a graduate of Forest Park Community College Hotel Restaurant   Program, and now serves on it’s advisory board. Bryan Young is the president and catering director of Catering Plus Bryan attends Catersource every year for over 18 years and attends the NACE conference every summer. Bryan has closed Catering Plus and starts a new with Bryan's Kitchen providing catering and event planning services.



Former Board Member – Doorways – St. Louis Zoo Friends


Former Board Member – Peter and Paul Community Services


Awards  - Doorway’s Michael Edlin award - Wall of Fame at Forest Park Community College Hotel Restaurant